How To Order

How To Order

Text Emporium has an in-house team of writers that are positioned to take on any size project. We also have a network of freelance technical writers who we work with for large projects or if our content needs exceed the capacity of our team. The freelance content writers are registered with our firm and have been vetted to ensure they are qualified and trained on the industry’s latest trends and practices. With us on board, you can remain stress-free and confident that you have the perfect writer for your project. If you are looking to get started on a new website or blog post, we can work with you to develop and produce content that will be sure to rank well in search engines like Google due to page optimization practices being used by our writers. We know nobody wants to wait around for their new articles to be written, edited, or packaged up, so we strive to get your order done as soon as possible. We want you satisfied with our product but also don’t want it taking forever! The turnaround time is based on the chosen service, but we will never hesitate to go the extra mile to get your order done with your desired time frame.

Choose the service

The primary step is to choose a service level and type, which determines turnaround time and how much content is provided. You can choose from simple blog writing to technical articles without any need to hire a technical writer yourself and even ebooks, press releases, and more!

Give us Your Instructions

What do you want to write? Do you need it for a technical niche or in a more conversational tone for marketing purposes? All of this will be considered, and the content will come out with perfect grammar, excellent organization, and easy readability.

Place an Order

One of the best parts about ordering content from Text Emporium is that you don't need to worry about technical writer contract rates, complexities or anything in the process. Our writers do it for you. All we require are your instructions and specifications; then our writers take care of the rest! Contact us online, and our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ways To Order Content From Text Emporium

Subscription Based

Blogs need to be updated often to maintain relevance and keep your readers hooked with a continuous supply of fresh content. We also offer subscriptions for our blog posts writing service so you can receive a steady flow of new and refreshed articles to maintain traffic on your site. Technical companies who do not want to hire a technical writer but desire to preserve their blog can also leverage our subscription-based service. Our technical writer contract rates are the best, and you can get an estimate for the work upfront.

Bulk Orders

For SEO agencies, we are ready to take on larger orders for bulk content which will allow you to use it across your clients. We can also research specific topics for other agencies who need more technical articles in a few days based on the specifications we are given. The cost of bulk orders is based on length, complexity, and urgency. Our team can create a content package that will fit any budget by talking to you about your needs and implementing them accordingly. Contact us today for cheap content writing services

One-time Orders

Not everyone in need of cheap content writing services is ready for a long-term commitment. That is why our company also offers one-time orders. This way, you can get the content you need without breaking the bank and see the quality of our content and editing services fully. Text Emporium ensures that whether it is a one-time order or a long-term contract, you will be satisfied with the quality and content of your work.

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